Monday, September 14, 2009

3 Easy things to do when things go wrong.

From time to time things don't go to plan despite your intentions, experience, or the size of your business. What you do when things do go wrong, is that memories are made of. It's a point of truth where you can build your brands goodwill or destroy it in a flash.
Last week one of Australia's largest banks experienced a problem processing transactions and clients couldn't access account details including balances. Any business can have an unexpected system or service issue, it's what you do when this happens that makes all the difference.
Customers calling the bank were present with an announcement asking them to call back at another time as staff are unable to assist due to the high number of enquirers. Rejecting a customer is never a good idea, it's a lost opportunity to dazzle and delight them.
Three things I believe you should do when things go wrong
  1. Admit to and own the issue
  2. Communicate early and often
  3. Look at ways to minimize the impact to customers
Customers will remember that you valued them and will remain loyal to your brand.
Jason Bradshaw

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