Friday, September 11, 2009

Didn’t get the job keep moving forward!

At some point in our careers we are bound to miss out on a job we had our hearts set on. Perhaps it's a promotion you missed out on or a move to a new company, regardless the NO usually results in a level of de-motivation. 
While it can be difficult I have learnt that the NO is just one step closer to the ultimate YES, KEY is focusing on your goals and moving towards them.
Start by asking the interview panel for a feedback session, don't try and respond to their feedback, justify or ague the point. Simply listen and understand your greatest strength and your number one area for improvement. 
The June 2009 issue of Harvard Business Review a has a great article called Why You Didn't Get that Promotion, it's a fantastic read and I recommend that you read it. 
Remember you have an unlimited potential to succeed, you just need to stay focused on the goal.
Jason Bradshaw
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